Jules S
Acupuncture/Cupping Fernando is very personal and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable about structure and movement in many disciplines. I am a yoga instructor and also do Crossfit and he can easily connect to the moves I practice and how they can be practiced I. A healthier way for my body. In every session I always feel better physically and emotionally. Through the combination of acupuncture, cupping and massage Fernando is gifted in connecting to his clients and treating the whole person.
Randy M
Dr. Bernall, a skilled, knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist I have seen Dr. Bernall for the past several years for a variety of issues, including sciatic pain, lower lumbar pain, depression, low grade infection in the hip and post hip replacement pain. I have received excellent benefit from his services and care. Dr. Bernall takes the time to get to know his patients holistically, not just for a specific issue - this allows him to tailor his treatment to the individual. He has worked in this field for many years and brings a broad base of knowledge and experience to his patients. I recommend Dr. Bernall without reservation.
Paula W
Amazing results Myself, my daughter and my husband have gone to Fernando for various medical issues, and I can tell you that he has been "spot on" every single time. As a result, we anticipate healing and relief whenever we book an appointment and the outcomes are always impressive . I recommend him to friends, coworkers and strangers as well and the reports are all positive . One word describes how you will feel when you leave his office ... grateful!
Shannon B
Highly Trusted Acupuncturist From 2008 through present times, Fernando has treated me for a variety of conditions ranging from infertility to migraines to sinus infections to sciatica, and so many other issues too. Without fail, Fernando has assisted my body in healing itself no matter what my condition has been. For him, I am truly grateful!
Debbra W
So very pleased! Just walking in the office is soothing and comforting. Dr. B is so professional and effective. I have knee problems - especially up & down stairs. He has done wonders with my mobility. My knees no longer hurt, I can fully extend both legs and I'm comfortable on stairs. Beyond that, he's even noticed that I was congested and cleared that up. I've been seeing him off and on for 5 years and have always left pleased with the results.
Debra S
A new lease on life. When I first moved to Saint Augustine 14 years ago I was suffering from what the Western Md’s diagnosed as severe "floating" anxiety disorder and borderline depression. They suggested I begin what I call "pharma therapy" (experimenting with pharmaceutical medications). Knowing that was not for me I chose to seek out an alternative way of to cope with my demons. That is when I found Dr. Bernall, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine ( CM ) he was kind , gentle, patient, honest and an amazing listener. I felt a true passionate sense of concern. He immediately began to educate me ( in layman terms ) on the basic principals of how CM works and the different modalities we can use in a team effort to overcome my mental health issues. Dr. Bernall made it clear he could not promise anything but, was willing to try through needling (acupuncture) which by the way DOES NOT HURT. Qi Gong , Tai chi, exercise and diet. Within the first month of treatment I was already feeling and coping much better. It felt like a miracle. Now 14 years later with maintenance visits I am pharma free and feeling like a new person. Since then Dr. Bernall has treated me for allergies, sports injuries, digestive issues and currently for a chipped heel bone. What can I say, success all the way. He is a gem. Thank you Dr. Fernando Bernall for all you do!
Jean P
2nd Successful Experience I first tried acupuncture back in 2008 because I had struggled on & off with back pain for many years. After acupuncture with Fernando Bernall, back pain became a thing of the past. Then last year, I injured my left knee which resulted in mobility issues for months. Finally, I tried acupuncture again with Dr. Bernall & once again, I am healing fine!!! I've been to other acupuncturists without success when he moved away from St. Augustine, so I do not think that one size fits all. He is an amazing practitioner & I have recommended him to friends who also concur.
CIndy C
Why experience matters Fernando has helped me with pain from injuries many times. He listens to you and treats according to your needs with his vast knowledge and varied methods of treatments. He is forever a student which is most beneficial to his patients as he is continually refining and expanding his skill. If you have never tried acupuncture, he would be the best source. If you have tried acupuncture before and were not thrilled with the result, try one more time with Fernando. Every treatment that I have had with Fernando has far exceeded my expectations. The facility were he is located is also very pleasant and absolutely immaculate. Also, watch for his services to continually expand, as I know he will always be moving forward.
Robert Wadman
Fantastic results I was in pain (5 and 6 on a scale of 10) and leery of this "sticking pins in me" to stop pain. That was until I met Dr Fernando Bernall. His knowledge and demeanor instills confidence. He answered all of my questions completely and always explained what he was doing and how the various muscle groups are related to my pain. I am now at level 0 with only some minor stiffness when I get up in the morning. As I said, "Fantastic!"